Samstag, 1. März 2014

[RELEASE] Dragonball Black 0.29

Es hat zwar eine Weile gedauert aber endlich ist es da! Die neuste Version ist im Downloadbereich

Changelog (seit BETA 0.27):

BETA 0.28
 - bug fixes
 - when your ki (energy) decreases more you get slower!
 - fixed the newstart-bug (in pause menu)
 - improved stability in story mode
 - how to play picture in English
 - credits in English
 - improved fighting engine!
 - new character menu!
 - improved AI minimal
 - fixed a little lag issue
 - characters are unlockable in the story! (just a few by now)

BETA 0.29 (release)
 - changed name of the game
 - bug fixes
 - several bug fixes in story mode
 - story mode lag fix
 - story menu lag fix
 - many single player menu fixes
 - finished unlock system
 - character menu fix (while selecting Player2, red cursor from Player1 stays)

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